At The Cryo Spa, we invite you in to our tropical paradise of palm trees and white sand beaches, to experience the extraordinary benefits cryotherapy has to offer. We know it's a little chilly for three minutes, so allow us to transport you to the islands when you step through our doors!  We are dog and kid friendly!  Please feel free to bring in your (well behaved) 2 or 4 legged kiddos with you!  We have everything you will need here so you can simply come as you are.  Walk-ins are always welcome, but if you're in a hurry or would like to guarantee your facial time you can always make an appointment.  Once you fill out some personal information we'll give you the tour and discuss all our services so you can make an informed decision about what you'd like to experience on your visit.  There's nothing like a little bit of everything to leave feeling extra relaxed and recharged!


Locker Rooms

We have men's and women's separate locker rooms so you can rest assured your belongings are safe while you enjoy all your services.  We always ask that you wear our socks to ensure they are clean and dry before putting our slippers on prior to your session.  You will get undressed and cover up with a single use robe provided in the locker room.  You'll want to remove loose hanging jewelry if you have any on.  Try to avoid having lotion on before a session to help avoid any moisture on your skin. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.  We're here to help!

Lounge Room & Oxygen Bar

Once you're robed up and ready to go you can make your way back to the lounge room to wait until a room is available.  If there's a bit of a wait please feel free to pass the time by doing a complimentary Zyto Scan.  It's a computer program that uses biofeedback to tell you which essential oils your body needs at the moment.  It's eerily accurate and a great way to get started with essential oils or simply maintain your current collection.  The Zyto Scan is always complimentary, we have lots of literature about oils, and we're always here to help navigate your results with you.  



The Best 3 Minutes Ever

If there's any kind of a wait we'll come get you as soon as you're up.  You'll enter the room with your highly trained Cryo Tech where you will be given your privacy while you remove your robe, hang it up, then step into the cryosauna.  Your tech will hand you a pair of gloves over the door, raise you if needed, make sure you're ready to go, then start your 3 minute session.  You don't ever have to go the full 3 minutes and your tech is with you the entire time to ensure your safety and keep you distracted throughout the session.  We're all professional talkers here so 3 minutes goes by in a blink!  You'll then exit the cryosauna, put your robe back on, and head back to the locker room to change unless you'll be doing a local or a Cryofacial™ where we'll get you right over to the next room.  Once you've done everything you'd like to do, you'll head back out to reception where your chlorophyll water will be waiting.  We'll then take the time to go over all the different options with you to make sure you're getting the appropriate membership or package for your specific needs.  Cryo is something you can do everyday by easily adding it to your daily routine.  We recommend you come in as often as possible to get the maximum benefits!