Cryo facials™ are a 10 - minute facial using pressurized liquid nitrogen in a gas form.  By super cooling the scalp, face, neck, and chest, blood circulation is improved, collagen production is increased (helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), blemishes seem to disappear, and skin is left with a natural, healthy glow.  Additional benefits include relief from sinus pressure, inflammation and swelling, active headaches and migraines, and severe acne or eczema.  You can have a clean dry face or full make up on.  It will not mess up your makeup if you were to have some on.  You do however want to avoid a Cryofacial™ for 48 hours after any kind of injections or botox. They are absolutely wonderful and can be enjoyed as often as once a day!  

Both men and women are loving the facials more than ever.  Due to their popularity, it is recommended to have a facial appointment if you don't have time to wait sometimes up to 20 or 30 minutes.  By having an appointment you'll be able to bypass the possible wait and get right in.