What Should I expect When I Visit The Cryo Spa?

Upon entering The Cryo Spa you will be asked to fill out our client information and waiver forms before your first treatment.  Our staff will go over any concerns or questions you may have.

You'll then head back to our changing rooms where we will provide you with a locker for your clothes and belongings.

In the changing room, you will put on a robe and socks then head to the lounge/waiting area unless our friendly staff is ready and waiting for you in the hall.  

When it's your turn we'll proceed into the private cryosauna room where we will be present throughout the session and talk you through the entire process.

Over a period of 3 minutes, your skin temperature is lowered to approximately 30°F by nitrogen gas injected into the cryo chamber.  You will never be alone during a treatment, so if at any time you feel discomfort or want the session to end early, we will be there to accomodate you.  When your 3 minute session is over you'll step out, put your robe back on and YOU DID IT!!!  

Your session is over!  You should already be feeling the rejuvenating and exhilirating effects cryotherapy offers.  Now, go out and enjoy the rest of your day feeling more energized and focused!


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