How It Works

Ice packs and ice baths have been used for years to help alleviate pain and reduce swelling and inflammation. Cryotherapy offers this same relief in a much faster and more effective way, by using liquid Nitrogen in a gas form, to cool the skin and activate a systemic response in the body to promote healing from the inside out.  

Exposing your body to the subzero temperatures of the cryosauna stimulates the natural responses of your body, resulting in significant long-term medical and cosmetic benefits. 

Not only is your immune system stimulated and your metabolism boosted, but every organ in your body is positively affected.  During your session you stand in a cylindrical chamber called a cryosauna and nitrogen gas is injected, allowing the cold air to swirl around you.  Your body does not know you are in a controlled environment so it reacts accordingly.  Vasoconstriction and vasodilation occur, flushing the body of toxins and rewarding it with nutrient rich, oxygenated blood while also releasing the endorphin, serotonin, that brings about feelings of happiness and well-being.  The cold you experience isn't uncomfortable, but invigorating and energizing.

With treatments lasting only 2-3 minutes the hyper cold air cools damaged tissue, reduces swelling and inflammation, and ultimately speeds the healing process.

WBC boosts your immune system, relieves pain causing inflammation, burns calories, and fully detoxes your body along with numerous other benefits.

The Experience:

Upon entering The Cryo Spa you will be asked to fill out our client information and waiver forms before your first treatment.  Our staff will go over any concerns or questions you may have. You will then head back to our changing rooms where we will provide you with a locker for your clothes and belongings.  In the changing room, you will put on a robe and socks then head to the lounge/waiting area where you can help yourself to a beverage.  When it is your turn you will enter the private cryosauna room where you will put on slippers and step inside the cryosauna.  Once inside, you will hand us your robe to be placed on a hook and we will begin the session.  Over a period of 3 minutes, your skin temperature is lowered to approximately 30°F by nitrogen gas injected into the cryo chamber.  You will never be alone during a treatment, so if at any time you feel discomfort or want the session to end early, the operator will be there to accommodate you.  When your 3 minute session is over, the operator will leave the room so you may step out, remove your slippers and put your robe back on.  

Your session is over!  You should already be feeling the rejuvenating and exhilarating effects cryotherapy offers.  Now, go out and enjoy the rest of your day feeling more energized and focused!


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